Please stop spreading this false information.


The supposed exostan on the sunken South Korean ferry /did not/ say ‘cheer for exo’ as her last words. It is fake. Whether there was even an exostan on board is unknown.

Think about this logically - do you honestly think that this girl, on the brink of death, would be thinking about a fucking boyband?


She’d be thinking about her family, her friends, whether rescue is coming. The /last/ thing on her mind would be exo.

You are hurting all involved with this information. It’s disrespectful to her especially.

This whole rumour was put up by some stupid fan who wants to grab attention, but it is not true and has not been confirmed. How can you confirm it? The only people who know what that girl said - whether this supposed exostan even existed - are the ones on the ship, and as far as I know none of them have mentioned her. Again, why /would/ they? Why would they feel the need to say her last words were ‘cheer for exo’? It’s inappropriate.

Exo, and kpop in general, have absolutely nothing to do with this incident, so stop bringing them into it. Kpop isn’t relevant in every fucking thing that happens in, or in relation to, South Korea.

Your idols will still have their comeback, but not all of these people get to comeback to their families.



Happy Birthday to our beloved Taka Morita! He's finally 26! 
Thank you for always making cool music and your ovary-exploding voice. And thank you for being you.

Here’s a Taka mosaic for all of you esp for the House Morita members. xDD There are 470+ faces of Taka in this pic btw. I was supposed to post this on his birthday last year but I wasn’t  finished yet —I still have to collect more pictures hoho so I decided to just post this on his next birthday which is today lol. I uploaded 2 versions because I dunno which one looks good. 

Links for high resolution: Version 1  Version 2

Credits to elsiechapman for the main pic. Please don’t repost :)

This. Is. AMAZING.

In case you need more reasons to stan U-KISS:
1 /  - Kiseop edition





ye ok but you gotta watch this version


What the fuck was that even? Why is he wearing an insane amount of blush?

i just woke up disoriented from a nap and this didn’t help


reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck

  • Title: Hoon's Rap at Budokan to AJ's Part in Believe
  • Artist: Yeo Hoonmin
  • Plays: 812

I will never get over this. 


24/ Moments when Soohyun makes me want to throw myself off a cliff:

CR: UKISSmoments2

I beg of you. Leave Kiseop’s current hair alone. It is gorgeous.

it really is.  TRUST ME.  Recent pictures don’t do justice. 

So, U-Kiss is postponing their comeback in Korea to May.  Good because I was wondering how it would be possible for them to prepare for the comeback when they are currently busy with activities in Japan.  With a new Japanese single coming out on the 23rd, I was a little worried. 






i just did this quick drawing because damn kiseop is pretty
i know its not detailed and all but im somehow so proud of it I just /( ; V ; )\


i just did this quick drawing because damn kiseop is pretty

i know its not detailed and all but im somehow so proud of it I just /( ; V ; )\